Swollen/puffy Eyes Causes

30 Jan

Facial appearance which tend to be less attractive or less maintained cause bad influence overallon body appearance. Similarly, the appearance of the eye condition that looks swollen, puffy and light so as to make the overall appearance becomes less appealing. Avoid some of the causes swollen eyes that follows:-

1. Cry – Crying in the long term can cause the eyes become swollen because of fluid accumulation tears too much on the bottom eyelid on the inside. Tear fluid does contain salt which could potentially cause eye became swollen due to the nature of the salt absorbs water in the body.

2. Pickle. Too much and often consume food pickle can also trigger the occurrence of swollen eyes. High levels of salt in food pickle will inhibit the absorption of body fluids and accumulate at the bottom eye bags.

3. Circulatory disorders. Circulatory disturbance in the blood vessels around the eye area can also cause swollen eyes. This will cause the oxygen supply is disrupted or reduced, so breathing skin around the eye is distracted.

4. Eyedrops. Content eyedrops that contain steroids can also cause eye swelling. Content steroids in eye medicine can provide strong pressure on the eyeball, and make the eyes become strained. Eye strain resulting in pressure on the blood vessels in the skin around the eye is increased to make the eyes look swollen and puffy.

5. Eye fatigue. Hours spent in front of the computer where bad lighting and the high concentration of the brain and the eyes will cause eye fatigue due to working too hard.

6. Sleep deprive. Lack of rest can also trigger swollen eye, but usually goes away by itself after doing the best that is bed rest. Disorders of chronic diseases that are more serious health disorder, especially in the liver and heart may also trigger the occurrence of swollen eyes.


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